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"No Backup Plan" split EP

by Perdition / Samuel Caldwell's Revenge

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***I Saved a Bullet For You*** Even if these words fall on deaf ears I'll scream them out, slurred and unclear Til my lungs dry up and burst Getting tired of defining success By how much i happen to possess Who set the standards Just when i thought i was getting closer I was only getting further away To gain back control Ive learned to let go of everything I've ever known It's not a question of morality To deny the fallacy of everything you've been told Been pouring my heart out for years Spilling my blood, shedding my tears Who defines success is it tied to the personal assets you happen to possess Whatever happened to our sanity Did they take it and use it And strip away every bit of humanity I say my brothers and sisters sisters and brothers Say no more
I'll Be Careful, You'll Be Dead You got a wrench thrown in your gears A gut twisted up with fear You say you've had just about as much as you can take Another kid with that lonesome feeling Lying on the floor Staring at the ceiling Counting mistakes that you've made You cant win a damn thing if you don't even play the game So, son hold your head high Even as the sky caves in Keep marching through the flames Give 'em hell kid Show 'em left then throw a right Don't let them break you down Or take your will to fight Never again will you feel ashamed It's not enough just to get pissed Come on and clench those shaking fist And hold fast to what you believe You gotta quit with those lame excuses Throwing in the towel over scrapes and bruises Now, wipe the blood off on your sleeve Without sacrifice victory is rarely achieved Stand up, and be counted this is what you wanted you've found it Common class struggles aren't enough to bend you over backwards
Blame it on your friends Were they disappointments in the end? Expectations met, so low the bar So far you were then from where you are In relation to a naive view of a world in decay Don't turn away From the things that you once knew They will take you They will lead you home Blame it on the fates Conspiring against you, you're the same What makes you special? Do you think you fucked up the potential to reverse this trend? In the end there's only one way for a world gone astray Don't turn away From the things that you once knew They will take you They will lead you home The expectations that you set Will only eat you with regret If past transgressions are still looming in A time that's burned away Don't turn away From the things that you once knew They will take you They will lead you home ...lead you home
There's a lacking sense of home Leading our realities into discipline and boredom Who's in debt more to than those who mislead against notions of moral progress Some step into the blinding trenches of processes Root hogs fight through the strength that liberates Taking on the force of truth that controls There's great confusion in notions of invention Do we owe anything to one another when all we have are modern results and designations Ideas of thought and culture seem to bother What reason do we have to believe desiring a choice between Here and there better to choose truth over moral god Don't commit to knowing it doesn't exist Outwearing fears of valued gains and salvation Does anyone believe with sure calm a truth of facts you can't defy Some live in the world and take steps to recognize our condition Most can't wait and strive to run away But we let them reduce us down to size Unearthing the graves of the loved ones that died Yesterday


released July 15, 2011

Recorded at Dang!Studios - Denton,TX

Engineered by Shaun M. Colón
additional engineering by Antone Enger, and Joel Herrera

Additional guitar engineering by William Smith

Mixed and Mastered by Kevin "Jones" Kotzur

Produced by Shaun M. Colón, Perdition, and Samuel Caldwell's Revenge

DNG-003 - Dang!Records -2011

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Perdition is:
Lance Bennett - Bass, Backup Vox
Andrew Goon - Vox, Guitar
Kent Newman - Drums
Alex Hickman - Lead Guitar

Samuel Caldwell's Revenge is
Rev. Lou Shaun- VOX
Mike vendetta -GTR
The "Williamaire" -GTR
Old "Dirty" Major - Bass fishin'
Jo'EL Herrera - DRUMS


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